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Agents/Distributors Agents or distributors in Norway, Poland and Germany Date : 29/04/2015 
Halti is looking for Agents or distributors in Norway, Poland and Germany.
Halti is a Finnish company that specializes in manufacturing outdoors sports and recreation equipment as well as camping equipment. The company’s headquarters are located in Sipoo, Finland. Since 1976, the Halti trademark has retained its position as one of the most highly regarded sports clothing brands in Finland. Over the years, personal and distinctive product design has become Halti’s trademark. Halti’s design is inspired by functionality and technical innovations and materials combined with the latest fashion.
Please visit our website: www.halti.com
Please contact Ville Rönkkö for further information at ville.ronkko@halti.fi
Send an emailWebsite : www.halti.com
Distributors Munro is looking for international distributors Date : 21/04/2015 
The premier women's size and width brand in the USA is looking to develop select international markets. We seek established distributors who are interested in the potential for long term growth.
Christine Munro
Send an emailWebsite : MunroShoes.com
Distributors Looking for distribution partners in key EU countries.  Date : 17/04/2015 
In 2010 ZEMgear burst onto the footwear scene with innovative and award winning active lifestyle and wellness products designed to help each one find their “Zone of Endless Motion”.
This Miami USA based brand was born on the beach and has evolved into a fast growing fitness and wellness brand with exciting product in the Water Sports, Crossfit, Sand Sports, Hike and Trail, Yoga and Pilates and Running/Fitness categories. The Minimal, CrossFit and Wellness categories are the fastest growing in the sports shoe market and ZEMgear is well positioned there. We are looking for distribution partners in key EU countries.
Please contact Christina Bracken at christina@zemgear.com or call 1 786 367 6829. www.zemgear.com.
Send an emailWebsite : www.zemgear.com
Distributors Looking for distributors in EU countries.  Date : 17/04/2015 
What are Zooligans? They are the intersection of real shoes and real fun. They are high quality, functional, comfortable shoes that are healthy for growing children. The consumer is primarily young Mothers aged 24-40 with kids aged 1 to 6 and are willing to spend for quality and something fresh. The first response when you see the shoes is “These are so cute, where can I get them? They see it and they want them. They generate an impulsive need to buy response.
Zooligans is a fast growing US (Boston area) brand and is looking for distribution partners in the key EU countries.
See us at www.zooligans.net. Contact Art Rogers at art@shoestringshoes.com or call at 1 978 539 8659.
Send an emailWebsite : www.zooligans.net
Sales Agents Looking for SALES AGENTS - France, UK, Poland Date : 03/04/2015 
We are now looking for SALES AGENTS who would work for commission in France, United Kingdom and Poland. Previous experience in B2B sales is necessary, preferably in the field of fashion, sportswear or kidswear.
Reima is Scandinavia's leading specialist brand in functional kidswear, based in Finland. Since 1944, our mission has been to guarantee kids the freedom to be active and play in any weather. We sell annually app. 5 million pieces of products. We are growing profitably and currently employ ca. 190 professionals globally. We have two offices in Finland and subsidiaries in China, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Russia. Our other brands are Tutta™ and Lassie™. Read more about us: www.reima.com.
Contact Sales Director Matti Lehtovirta matti.lehtovirta@reima.com 30 June 2015 at the latest.
Send an emailWebsite : www.reima.com