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Distributors Looking for new distribution partners Date : 18/09/2014 
The Swiss Eyewear Group (International) AG is a new global eyewear company recently founded by a group of people with more than 300 years combined of experience with polarized sunglass products. INVU ultra polarized, the next generation polarizing impulse brand, is the first of many new brands that the Swiss Eyewear Group has launched. INVU is currently distributed in more than 50 countries and the Swiss Eyewear Group is looking for new distribution partners in South East Asia and Latin America.
If you're interested in partnering with a new Swiss Eyewear company and its growing portfolio of branded medium priced eyewear products, including the newly launched Marc Stone designer collection, please contact us at export@swisseg.com

Send an emailWebsite : www.swisseg.com
Distributors Looking for Distributors in various countries Date : 18/09/2014 
Dutz Eyewear (www.dutzeyewear.com), with its hometown in Rosmalen, the Netherlands, is Holland’s boldest Eyewear brand. Founded in 2005, the company has developed into a successful business with a global network of over 23 distributors. Dutz stands for commercial, accessible, high-quality, reliable and an organization with an outstanding service towards clients and partners. Dutz bridges the gap between standard and fashionable frames by adding distinctive, colorful details in a subtle way: often seen on the inside of the frames, sometimes on the outside. A distinctive design, trendy shapes and a beautiful range of Dutz colors. Each frame has a special touch, without it being too obvious or directly standing out. Dutz offers fashionable frames for everyone.
We successfully launched our brand in Germany beginning of 2014 and we want to be in touch with independent agents in areas north and east.
Are you a pan-Scandinavian distributor and looking to expand your portfolio with a commercial and profitable line?
We are always open for business opportunities.
From September 26 – 29, 2014, you will find us at Silmo, Paris, Hall 5, R087
If we do not have a distributor in your country (http://www.dutzeyewear.com/lijst_distributeurs.aspx) , contact us to discuss opportunities.
Become part of a successful team of international distributors and join us in making the world look so Dutz! Contact details: frithjof@dutzeyewear.com, +31 6 14419620
Send an emailWebsite : http://www.dutzeyewear.com/lijst_distributeurs.aspx
Distributors IR Protection Sunlenses is seeking for European Distribution Date : 18/09/2014 
CRISTEC - IR PROTECTION SUNLENSES for day to day use. We are the factory which is holding the EU, USA and Japan patent and making production for near infrared protection sunlenses. These lenses filter out 100 % of UV as well as 100 % of all near infrared (750nm to 1000nm) rays. In our changing world infrared rays especially in the near ray range from 750nm to 1000nm are becoming a risk for unprotected eyes. After the amazing success in sales of this lens type in Japan and Korea we are seeking for European distribution which are available as plano sunlenses and polarized sunlenses in the highest optical quality. US customers will be handled directly from our headquarter.
Kindly visit us from September 26 – 29, 2014, at Silmo, Paris, Hall 6, Booth E157 booth name: Tony Optical, call us +49-9191-163919 or +886-2-27997981, check us: www.claxxon.com, write us: thomas@claxxon.com
Send an emailWebsite : www.claxxon.com
Distributors Looking for Distributors Date : 18/09/2014 
Fredric Beausoleil, « Artiste Lunetier » is hiring distributors for these areas : South and central America, Spain, Switzerland, Eastern Europe
Please, feel free to contact us for more details and information.
www.beausoleil.fr write us: pravidat@beausoleil.fr
Send an emailWebsite : www.beausoleil.fr
Distributors New distributors in Portugal, Morocco, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Russia, Egypt and India Date : 05/09/2014 
JULBO, international brand producing high technical sport sunglasses, kids sunglasses, kids optical frames, adult optical frames and accessories is currently looking for new distributors in Portugal, Morocco, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Russia, Egypt and India.
Please take a look at www.julbo-eyewear.com and contact info@julbo.fr
Send an emailWebsite : www.julbo-eyewear.com
Distributors Looking for new distributors Date : 19/08/2014 
Bula, major accessory company located in Canada, is looking for new distributors in the following countries: SWITZERLAND FRANCE ENGLAND
Bula specializes in snow sports accessories such as hats, gloves, base layers, socks, fleece and face protection.
Please visit our website: www.bulabula.com
Please contact Natalie Kirakossian for further information at natalie@bulabula.com
Send an emailWebsite : www.bulabula.com
Distributors Premium & Luxury Footwear brand looking for a French distributor Date : 28/05/2014 
An international lifestyle company that is specialized in the premium and luxury women’s footwear segment is looking for a reliable distributor or agent in France.
We are looking for an established company with excellent contacts in the market to present our brands to the major department stores and best shoe and apparel independents.
Our partners benefit on the one hand from top brands, top designers and top quality. On the other, they appreciate our reliability, price safety and product quality.
To every single one of us, shoes are more than a product. Shoes are our passion. Which you will soon realize if you enter into an uncomplicated and flexible co-operation with us.
Please apply by email to info@edmpublications.com under the Confidential Box No: SK0528
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