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The Golf Softgoods Market
In Europe

The whole research consists of a 1,500-page report in 3 volumes published in 2009, and each country report is structured in the same way, particularly focusing on the following topics:

  • Social and economic data
  • Trends in golf participation and governmental initiatives to promote its practice
  • Import-export statistics from the last few years
  • Profiles of important companies in the sector
  • Market size data and growth, with details on apparel, footwear and accessories
  • Structure and development of the supply chain at the wholesale and retail levels, with an analysis of the distribution strategies and channels
  • Consumers' attitudes toward sporting goods and marketing
  • Ways of entering the market and optimizing brand penetration
  • Contact details of the main players in the golf market (brands, distributors, agents, ...)

List of all the countries covered by the project:

You can ask for a free executive summary for any of these 3 volumes by sending an e-mail to info@edmpublications.com.

New discounted price of the reports (30% off):

All three volumes: €3,500 instead €5,000
One volume only: €1,400 instead of €2,000
Individual country reports are available, from €90 to €290 depending on the size of the market. Minimal order of €500. Please consult us.