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Dec. 16, 2019
Vol. 20 - N°15+16
Summary of the issue
  • Online sales should hit 12%
  • Marc Fielmann takes charge
  • Zeiss Vision Care breaks €1 bn
  • Safilo buys Blenders, launches business plan, downsizes
  • Employment woes in Italy
  • Marcolin weighs retailing
  • L’Amy goes high-tech
  • High auction price for Revo sunglass
  • International Calendar in this issue
A&R, Essilux, Evioo, Hoya, Italia Independent, Zeiss, etc. Management & Distribution Alcon Pharma, Bollé Brands, Cazal, Essilor, Focus, J&J, Leica Eyecare, Libuda, Mister Spex, Poul Stig Briller, Wagner + Kühner, etc.
RetailHawkers, Mister Spex, Mykita, Opticien Qui Bouge, Thélios, etc.
Results & StatisticsAffelou, Alcon, Allergan, Bausch Health, Spectaris
Product & MarketingEssilor, Etnia Barcelona, Krys, LVMH, Morel, Rudy Project, SwissLens, Vivior, Warby Parker, etc.
OthersEssilor, Marcolin, Opti, Sidol, Vision Council, Vision Expo

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Nov. 4, 2019
Vol. 20 - N°13+14
Summary of the issue
  • Essilux exceeds expectations
  • GrandVision has a good Q3
  • Hoya’s Q2 is good overall
  • Direct Optic broadens its scope
  • Kering renews with Safilo
  • Marcolin’s portfolio grows
  • Italian exports on the rise
  • Silhouette launches Evil Eye
  • Bollé Brands reorganizes
  • Pure acetate by Eastman
  • Essilor’s poor vision report
Corporate & ManagementAlcon, Allergan, Anne et Valentin, Essilux, Hoya, Italia Independent, Julbo, Killine, Luxottica, Optiswiss, Red Circle, Safilo, ShopkoRetailBrille24, Fielmann, Jimmy Fairly, Mister Spex, Nau!, Persol, Tanaka
ProductEssilor, Leica, Luxottica, Marchon, MIC, Morel, Novacel, Oculus, Scicon, Smith, William Morris LondonOthers100% Optical, Copenhagen Specs, Eyecity, IOA, JINS, J&J, Krys, Menicon, Mido, Silmo, Spectaris
Sept. 26, 2019
Vol. 20 - No. 11+12
Summary of the issue
  • Essilux reports on integration
  • Bollé Brands acquires Spy
  • New management for Silhouette
  • Fielmann improves, enters Slovenia
  • New funding for Mister Spex
  • Cecop debuts management training
  • A preview of Silmo
  • Invu launches LCD tech
  • A look at Vanni’s culture strategy
  • Sales up at Alcon, CVI
  • CVI organizes lens recycling
CorporateBrille24, Delfin, ECP, Essilux, Facebook, Hilco, Lenskart, LuxOptika, Pramaor, Safilo, State Optical, Thélios

Management & DistributionAlcon, Baumvision, CDO, Messy Weekend, Modo, Neurolens, Spektra, Visall, Zeiss

Product & MarketingDragon Eyewear, Etudes Studio, Fedon, Hawkers, Marchon, Marcolin, Mykita, Nau!, Oakley, Police, Safilo, Viu, Zoobug, etc.

Others100% Optical, ABDO, Allergan, BD8 Ecoplastics, Copenhagen Specs, DaTE, EssilorLuxottica, L’Amy America, Oakley, Peek Vision

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